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Gina v. d. Romantischen Strasse

Gina v. d. Romantischen Strasse

Breed: great dane

Exhibition titles:
champion of Germany, VDH, Switzerland, Champion of Club of Czechia, the Champion of Europe-2000

Parents: Tigris vom Kloster Wiblingen x Nicole v.d. Ofnethohle

Sex: female

Color: черный

Birthday: 25.04.1996

Place of residence: Германия

Tigris vom Kloster Wiblingen

Color: черный

Nicole v.d. Ofnethohle
great dane

Verdi v.d.Ofnethohle

Male, color окрас черный, b.d. 03.12.1999, Германия

owner: Schleicher, breeder: Schleicher

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